The Christian Life

As a pastor, I’ve been teaching and writing on the Christian life for over a decade. Some of those thoughts find their way onto the website. You can find links to varied thoughts below:

Fruitful (Part 1) – On Mark 11
Fruitful (Part 2)
Fruitful (Part 3)
King Me – On 1Samuel 8
Achan, Identity, and Repentance  – On Joshua 7
United by Blood – On Joshua 22
Domain (Part 1) – On Genesis 1
Domain (Part 2)
Domain (Part 3)
Domain (Part 4)
The All Access Pass of Glory – book excerpt on Hebrews 10
The Good Shepherd (Part 1) – On Psalm 23
The Good Shepherd (Part 2) – On Jeremiah 23
The Good Shepherd (Part 3) – On Ezekiel 34
The Good Shepherd (Part 4) – On Zecheriah 11
The Good Shepherd (Part 5) – On Sermon Prep
For His Steadfast Love Endures Forever – On Psalm 136
Judge One Another (Part 1) – On Matthew 7
Judge One Another (Part 2)
Judge One Another (Part 3)
Unholy Tears – On Genesis 25
Guard Your Hungers – On Matthew 5

The Church, She Ain’t Dumb (On Confidence in the Church)
On Hospitality, Joy, Andy Dufresne, and Open House Dinners
Just How Personal? (On Shared Faith)
Bible Thinking Thoughts (On Context)
Scarlet Threads of Grace (On the Bible)
Sign of the Times : A Lament (On Intergenerational Relationships)
In Brief: Pinocchio (On Repentance)

Cru @ SRU Ask Anything (Part 1)
Cru @ SRU Ask Anything (Part 2)
Cru @ SRU Ask Anything (Part 3)
Cru @ SRU Ask Anything (Part 4)