On his website, Art Garfunkel has chronicled every book he has read since 1968. I think I saw this list somewhere during 2015, around the time a couple friends were encouraging me to get on GoodReads. And so 2015 was the year my reading habits went public… probably to much lower fanfare than those of Art Garfunkel. But why should that slow me down? Bold titles indicate my favorites in each section. Links indicate that I’ve written something about the book here on the website. Finally, just because I’ve read it doesn’t mean I endorse it… or even necessarily liked it. Sometimes I read what others give me or what, of necessity, must be read. Feel free to roam around!

Fiction: Me & my Dr. Mrs.

It’s Kind of a Funny Story Ned Vizzini Apr 2015
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (#1) Frank L. Baum May 2015
Gilgamesh Gerald J. Davis Jun 2015
The Devil in the White City Erik Larson Oct 2015
Wieland, or, The Transformation Charles Brockden Brown Dec 2015
The Giver (#1) Lois Lowry Mar 2016
Gathering Blue (#2) Lois Lowry Mar 2016
Messenger (#3) Lois Lowry Mar 2016
Son (#4) Lois Lowry May 2016
Gulliver’s Travels (Norton) Jonathan Swift et al Oct 2016
The Crucible Arthur Miller Nov 2016
The Complete Sherlock Holmes Arthur Conan Doyle Nov 2016
The Night Circus Erin Morgenstern Dec 2016

Fiction: With the Kiddos

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (#1) Douglas Adams Oct 2015
The Biggest Story Kevin DeYoung Nov 2015
The Light Princess George MacDonald Dec 2015
The Princess and the Goblin (#1) George MacDonald Dec 2015
Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver Martin Jenkins Mar 2016
The Garden, the Curtain and the Cross Carl Laferton Apr 2016
The Magician’s Nephew (#5) C.S. Lewis Jul 2016
The Tale of Despereaux Kate DiCamillo Jul 2016
Prepare Him Room (Christmas) Marty Machowski Dec 2016

Comic & Graphic Novel

Watchmen Alan Moore Apr 2015
The Complete Maus Art Spiegelman Jun 2015
A Contract with God Will Eisner Jul 2015
Fables (#1) Bill Willingham Nov 2015
Daytripper Fabio Moon & Gabriel Ba Feb 2016
Blankets Craig Thompson Mar 2016
March (#1) John R. Lewis May 2016
Doctor Strange: Marvel Masterworks #1 Stan Lee Nov 2016


Heretics G.K. Chesterton Feb 2015
Mankind in the Making H.G. Wells Mar 2015
The Blue Zones Dan Buettner Jun 2015
Hiding the Elephant Jim Steinmeyer Aug 2015
The Hiding Place Corrie ten Boom Aug 2015
Calvinist Humor in American Lit Michael Dunne Jun 2016
The Soft Edge: The Information Revolution Paul Levinson Sep 2016
The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing… Nicholas Carr Sep 2016
True Enough: Post-Fact Society Farhad Manjoo Oct 2016
Orality and Literacy Walter J. Ong Oct 2016
Amusing Ourselves to Death Neil Postman Oct 2016
The Missing Ink: Handwriting Philip Hensher Oct 2016
Script and Scribble Kitty Burns Florey Oct 2016
The Disappearance of Childhood Neil Postman Nov 2016
Handwriting in America Tamara Plakins Thornton Dec 2016

Christian Faith

Gospel-Centered Discipleship Jonathan Dodson Jan 2015
Redeeming Science Vern Poythress Jan 2015
Spurgeon’s Sorrows Zack Eswine Jan 2015
The Dude’s Guide to Manhood Darrin Patrick Jan 2015
Ezekiel (NIVAC) Iain M. Duguid Jan 2015
The Pastor’s Justification Jared C. Wilson Feb 2015
Shepherds After My Own Heart (NSBT) Timothy S. Laniak Feb 2015
PROOF Daniel Montgomery Feb 2015
Spurgeon: Preaching Through Adversity John Piper Feb 2015
A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23 Phillip Keller Feb 2015
Rhythms of Grace Mike Cosper Mar 2015
The Good Shepherd Kenneth E. Bailey Mar 2015
Center Church Timothy J. Keller Mar 2015
The Thing Is Tony Payne Mar 2015
Uprooting Anger Robert D. Jones Apr 2015
Sending Capacity, not Seating Capacity J.D. Greear Apr 2015
Commentary on Joshua John Calvin Apr 2015
A History of the Work of Redemption Jonathan Edwards Apr 2015
Jesus on Every Page David P. Murray Apr 2015
Elders in Congregational Life Phil A. Newton Apr 2015
What is the Lord’s Supper? R.C. Sproul May 2015
A Critical/Exegetical Commentary on Esther Lewis Bayles Paton May 2015
The Gospel at Work Sebastian Traeger May 2015
Father, Son and Spirit (NSBT) Andreas J. Kostenberger May 2015
Esther & Ruth Iain M. Dugiud May 2015
Inconspicuous Providence Bryan R. Gregory May 2015
Esther Debra Reid May 2015
Echoes of Eden Jerram Barrs Jun 2015
The Gospel in Genesis D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones Jun 2015
Prayer Timothy J. Keller Jun 2015
Divine Sovereignty and Human Responsibility D.A. Carson Jun 2015
The Time is Fulfilled F.F. Bruce Jul 2015
Old Testament and Jesus Christ Omar Kaste Jul 2015
God Dwells Among Us G.K. Beale Jul 2015
The Compelling Community Mark Dever Aug 2015
Desiring God John Piper Aug 2015
The Great Divorce C.S. Lewis Aug 2015
Show them Jesus Jack Klumpenhower Aug 2015
The Brick Bible Brendan Powell Smith Aug 2015
The Kingdom of God Christopher W. Morgan Aug 2015
Preaching Christ in All of Scripture Edmund P. Clowney Sep 2015
Imminent Domain Ben Witherington III Sep 2015
Roaring Lambs Bob Briner Sep 2015
Between the Beginning and the End J.H. Bavinck Sep 2015
Essential Evangelicalism Matthew Hall Oct 2015
On Guard Deepak Reju Oct 2015
Everyday Grace Jessica Thompson Oct 2015
The Pastor’s Kid Barnabas Piper Nov 2015
Redeeming Philosophy Vern Poythress Nov 2015
The Drama of Doctrine Kevin J. Vanhoozer Dec 2015
Ordinary Michael S. Horton Dec 2015
Walking the Labyrinth Travis Scholl Jan 2016
Work Matters Tom Nelson Jan 2016
A Grief Observed C.S. Lewis Jan 2016
Calvin on the Christian Life Michael S. Horton Jan 2016
Sword and Scalpel Lorry Lutz Feb 2016
The Cry of the Soul Dan B. Allender Apr 2016
Family Shepherds Voddie T. Baucham Jr. Apr 2016
The Barren Fig Tree John Bunyan Apr 2016
Hidden in the Gospel William P. Farley May 2016
God Made All of Me: Helping Children Protect… Justin S. Holcomb May 2016
Hebrews (NIVAC) George H. Guthrie May 2016
The Epistle to the Hebrews F.F. Bruce May 2016
Visual Theology Tim Challies May 2016
Spirit Empowered Preaching Arturo G. Azurdia III May 2016
Judas and the Gospel of Jesus N.T. Wright May 2016
Four Views on the Lord’s Supper John H. Armstrong May 2016
The Doctrine of Repentance Thomas Watson Jun 2016
The Story of Everything Jared C. Wilson Jun 2016
Creation Claus Westermann Jun 2016
Thoughts for Young Men J.C. Ryle Jun 2016
Between Heaven and Mirth James Martin Jun 2016
Godly Jealousy Erik Thoennes Jun 2016
Everyday Church Tim Chester & Steve Timmis Jun 2016
Why Johnny Can’t Preach T. David Gordon Jun 2016
Art of Neighboring Jay Pathak Jul 2016
The Common Grace of Covenants Jeffrey J. Niehaus Jul 2016
The Blue Parakeet Scot McKnight Jul 2016
Gospel-Centered Hermeneutics Graeme Goldsworthy Jul 2016
Obadiah: The Kingship Daniel I. Block Aug 2016
Five Festal Garments (NSBT) Barry G. Webb Aug 2016
Discipling Mark Dever Oct 2016
Reviving the Black Church Thabiti M. Anyabwile Oct 2016
Giving Up Gimmicks: Youth Ministry Brian H. Cosby Nov 2016
A Better December Steven Estes Nov 2016
The Pursuit of Man A.W. Tozer Nov 2016
Holiness by Grace Bryan Chapell Nov 2016
God’s Indwelling Presence James M. Hamilton, Jr. Jan 2016
Like Father, Like Son Pete Alwinson Dec 2016
The Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God D.A. Carson Dec 2016
Hidden Christmas Timothy J. Keller Dec 2016