When it comes to reading, I’m somewhere beyond avid, and somewhere shy of obsessed. I love to read. Over the past few years, I’ve aimed not only to increase the volume of my reading, but also the breadth. Granted, that part of the process is moving more slowly, but in 2015 I jumped back into fiction, which was a big step. I’ve come to enjoy graphic novels as well. Now that my kiddos have begun to pick up chapter books, I want to ingest and process the words and stories that are affecting their developing hearts. This means more Harry Potter and Heidi. Every book that crosses my path is a chance to better understand something of this beautiful yet busted world. I have plenty of creation yet to explore.

I am always looking for great reads. Sure, I could read the NYT bestseller’s list and grab a dozen titles, but I would much rather hear from you a title and the personal value of a book. Feel free to drop a recommendation here or there. If we cross paths locally, I will gladly buy you a warm beverage to discuss the book after we’re finished. I often say that my reading serves to feed the conversations that are always taking place in my head. I have a terrible memory for quotes, or even remembering which of my personal quirks was born of which text. But I cherish the opportunity to feed the conversations, and I love even more the chance to share the conversations with another human. How exciting if that human is you.