In Brief: Daytripper

256 pages of glorious artistic contemplation.

The premise of Daytripper¬†– the graphic novel from Gabriel Ba & Fabio Moon – is fascinating. Bras de Oliva Domingos is an obituary writer. It is fitting, then, that in each issue this man, whose vocation is death, would himself meet his end. Ba & Moon have masterfully written a unified arc that is unexpectedly cut short in every episode. I can only imagine they began by writing the life of Bras, and then explored what it would have looked like had he perished in various circumstances that came to define his life.… Read more...

In Brief: The Crowd

All Together Now

As I was reading The Drama of Doctrine towards the end of 2015, I spotted an interesting reference to this work from French social psychologist Gustave LeBon, and decided to give it a read. I found the work fascinating. Outside the text, LeBon seems to be a fascinating figure.

Legends hold that he claimed credit for discovering radioactivity and the theory of relativity. The Crowd is his best known work, a description of the psychology of crowds, rooted heavily in the context of late 19th century Europe.

His writing is easy enough to follow, and I found … Read more...