BizCard RebootI’ve officially been calling myself creative for just shy of a decade.

I’ve been doing business as Exodus Creative. As far as the name is concerned, the Exodus was just as important as the Creative. Exodus became necessary when I was called to ministry in 2008. I had been running my own laser engraving business (called Genesis of course)… I began seeking freedom. Freedom from inventory and machinery. Freedom from business hours and consistency. Ministry requires as much. Exodus was born on a cold morning in January of 2009. (Actually, I have no idea what the weather was like… but it was western Pennsylvania in the winter… call it a calculated high-percentage guess)

9yrs of logos, branding packages, fresh clipart, T-shirts, fliers, laser graphics, and turning family members into superheroes – on paper, of course… otherwise I’d have an entirely different profession on my hands. All the while preaching, teaching, singing, writing, and studying – most often surrounded by many boisterous children. Some days the pendulum swings one way. Other days it swings back. Not knowing which way to look? Therein lies the fun.

Obviously, this is not a full portfolio. But it’s something. Something is often enough to know if you’d like to see more. It’s a low budget teaser, scratching the surface so you’ll buy a ticket… and some popcorn… and maybe a box of junior mints.


Church graphics 2000px

Business graphics 2000px

Print graphics 2000pxVector graphics 2000px

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