My name is Bob.
I am a sinner… redeemed by the blood of Christ.
I am a husband… have been for someteen years.
I am a father… numerous little ones have been entrusted to my care.
I am a pastor… called to love, serve, and preach the good news.
I am a graphic designer… barely.

When folks ask for a prefix, I give them Rev.
If they ask for a suffix, I give them Jr.

I currently serve the Lord through Fellowship Community Church of the EFCA in Grove City, PA. The calling to ministry has been humbling and transformative in my life. I like to share some thoughts about that on this website. Prior to answering the call, I took on the graphics trade as a means of living. I still enjoy the work, and so I still take on new clients while servicing my existing base. I would love to talk about either if you have a need.

I don’t spend much time on social media.
After several years, I’ve stepped away from the Facebook…
… and the Twitter.
I am on Instagram.
I’m ready to ditch GoodReads.
I barely pay attention to the blog.

Doesn’t bother me much.

By the way… the ads. Sorry about the ads. I don’t like ads. WordPress adds ads. I don’t get to choose the ads, I just have to live with the ads. Thank you for reading in spite of the ads.

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