Homeschool Dad : The 2018-19 Curriculum

Homeschool Dad confession: I enjoy curriculum shopping.

Homeschool Dad clarification: I enjoy curriculum building. 

As I began my rookie year, I explored box curriculum options. But I have reached a point in life where my frugal side exerts unflinching dominance over my lavish and extravagant side. At the end of the day, curriculum building seems more budget friendly, and budget-friendly curriculum building makes for a satisfying online morning.

There are thousands of great books out there just begging to be implemented in an educational capacity. There are tens of thousands of average books that will get the job done in the hands of an excitable mom or dad and a motivated child. There are millions of not-so-great books that, while they contain words, are not particularly helpful for teaching anything of worth.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

I feel like I know more at the outset of year two than I did at the launch of year one. I am hoping that I properly recognized areas of deficiency and that my course corrections are warranted. Regardless, I am excited for the stack of books that arrived last week. Some of these resources are still running from last year:

History: Greece
The Story of the Greeks by H. A. Guerber
Herodotus and the Road to History by J. Bendick
Archimedes and the Door of Science by J. Bendick
Our Little Spartan Cousin by J.D. Cowles
Our Little Athenian Cousin by J.D. Cowles
Treasury of Greek Mythology by D. Napoli

Geography: The Middle East & PA
Visits to the Middle East by J. Schafer
Hungry Planet by P. Menzel
Material World by P. Menzel
What’s Great About PA by K. Jerome

Literature (a start, anyhow)
The Chronicles of Narnia 
by C.S. Lewis
The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street by K. Yan Glaser
Bridge to Terabithia by K. Paterson
A Forest, A Flood, and an Unlikely Star by J.A. Myhre
Ben & Me by R. Lawson
The Austere Academy by L. Snicket

Science: Geology 
Sassafras Science Adventures, Vol. 5 by J. Congo

Language Arts
Writers in Residence by D. Bell
Spelling Wisdom by S. Schafer
Cursive Penmanship by M. Sull

Ray’s Arithmetic by J. Ray

Christian Formation
New City Catechism by K. Keller
Christian History Made Easy by T. Jones

Chess, Art, & Music
Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess
by B. Fischer
Drawing Lab by C. Sonheim
The Story of the Orchestra by R. Levine
Music Lab: We Rock! by J. Hanley

Two fifth graders and a third grader. 180 days. The pages are many, and the passion is high. I’m beyond excited to see how some of these titles will challenge and bless the kiddos… and their teacher.



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