Homeschool Dad : Thursday

As I set out to make the schedule at the beginning of the year, I wanted there to be a day that offered the most flexibility, primarily to learn outside the home. The structure of our Thursday fits our lives well for this purpose.

Because #4 doesn’t have preschool, we are free to roam the town and learn in a different setting. We are free to head to the nature reserve to see creation, the museum to see history, the science center to uncover mysteries.

We sing hymns at night, so that subject can be flexed as needed. We can read a book over lunch in the city if the day calls for it. We can review spelling words during a van ride. Even a chess board is portable enough if we wanted to play on the road. This is true for most days (the beauty of homeschool!), but I seem to aim for Thursday.

07:45am – wake kiddos
08:20am – stretch
08:25am – catechism & prayer
08:35am – family walk
09:00am – hymn study
09:30am – literature
10:00am – language arts
10:30am – reading aloud #3 (#1 v. #2 chess)
11:20am – lunch
12:30pm – science
01:00pm – math #1 (#2 math app / #3 reading)
01:30pm – math #2 (#3 math app / #1 reading)
02:00pm – math #3 (#1 math app / #2 reading)

The hymn study is multi-faceted. It has an eye towards music, language, poetry, and history as we try to unearth the stories that inspired the hymns. As I mentioned earlier, we sing often as a family, and so this particular subject has immediate impact on the house, with obvious educational insights. I believe it’s possible to incorporate subjects that directly reflect and feed family life!

This is the first day that I’ve mentioned anything having to do with technology. Those who know me are probably surprised that I don’t have the kiddos writing on slates with chalk, given my general hesitations when it comes to tech in the classroom. But I am always on the lookout for apps that are helpful without pressing too far into edutainment. Currently, the math app essentially digitizes flash cards, so I’m willing to bend! (There’s probably a series of posts on the ubiquity of tech stewing somewhere in my feeble brain)

Four days in. The week is rolling downhill at this point. I’m looking forward to crystallizing a few thoughts on our current curriculum as well… even if it only helps me to set direction for the future!




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