Blog Updates Coming

For those who have known me awhile, you know that my blogging efforts come and go as certain thoughts are laid on my heart. Now that I have launched this new site, I will be gradually moving the content from my old blog over here for folks to see.

So if you happen to see a post and say, ‘I’m pretty sure he’s said that before,’ it’s probably true. I like to think I’m not out of original thoughts just yet, though… so read on!

One thought on “Blog Updates Coming

  1. From Ken Simmons: Catherine would have loved to have your sons up there at the airport to see her jump. The jump was originally scheduled for Saturday and it turned out the ceiling was too low for jumping and then she rescheduled it for Sunday afternoon. It would have been short notice if we had remembered to let you know ahead of time. We both independently thought about stopping by after the jump, but Catherine later said she wasn’t real sure how to get to your place. At $238/jump it maybe a while before she does it again.

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